SJG CAPITAL (Pty) Ltd is an international company that is focused on specialized procurement services, capacity building and training, renewable solar energy, power and electricity generation, vehicle tracking and monitoring systems (, ready to eat food and construction materials supply in Africa. SJG CAPITAL is focused on the economic and sustainable development of Africa. We work hand-in-hand with the Governments of the African countries, multilateral, bilateral, NGOs and investment organizations. We endeavor to accelerate the economic and human development of the African citizens. Our attention is focused on the building of Sub-Saharan Africa through our investments in the provision of affordable renewable clean solar energy, supply of hygienic food, construction materials, procurement of goods/services and training.

It is our conviction that Africa has the potential to achieve its Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in record time. Africa also has the greatest potential to grow its industry and manufacturing base in an accelerated way. However, that achievement cannot be achieved and sustained without the adequate generation and provision of clean energy, human capacity, asset security, health food, procurement of goods and services at affordable prices and capacity building.

At SJG CAPITAL, we align ourselves fully within the development requirements of the African growing economy. We deploy our investments, human capacity and resources in an effective value creation way, with a visible impact on the livelihoods of the African people, driven by efficiency and motivated by a deep commitment to reducing poverty and strengthening regional economies.